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Mr. J.R. Singal, M.D. - Eastman Industries Limited receiving National Export Award from the then Honourable
Prime Minister of India -- Mr.Atal Bihari Vajpayee

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Production Process

Eastman Eastman Eastman Eastman Eastman

S. No Steps Application Control Parameter Output
A Raw Material Storage, Identification, 5-S FIFO, Age limit Ready to use for mixing
1 Banbury Mixing of all Raw materials Weighing Time Temp, Cooling Compound
2 Lab 1) Raw material testing
2) compound testing
3) fabric testing
Rheo, SpGr, Viscosity Meter, Md, Tb, Elong, Hardness, VD Compound as per reqmt
3 Extruder Provides required shape to rubber
1) Hot Feed - old high production low quality
2) Cold Feed - new low production hi quality
(Type: Duplex, Triplex)
Profile, Weight, Length & O-All Width Tread, side wall Apex
4 Calendaring To apply rubber on fabric
1). Most common is Z Type four roll calendar
2) Old was three roll calendar
Gauge, Gum distribution, Unit Weight EPI (End Per Inch) Coated fabric, steel belt inner liner
5 Cutting Cut the coated fabric in required length, width & angle Cut angel, Gauge, O-All Plies
6 a Belt Building Rubber is coated on steel wire Angle, Width, Gum Distribution, Temperature/ Moisture Control system Belt or Breaker
6 b Bead Building Rubber is coated on steel wire Diameter, Weight, Gum coating Wire Condition Coated Bead
7 Tyre Building All the components prepared in different area are assembled here Centering, tacking, Steacher Pressure Green Tyre
8 Curing Green tyre is put in to the curing press under certain temperature, pressure for some time to cure the rubber. (Truck/Otra/Agriculture: 20/ day & for other 10-15 minute curing time). Temp, Pressure, Time, Steps, Cure chart, PCI Finished tire
9 Inspection Visual & feeling wise & by machines inspection is done to find out defects in tyre X-ray, Ultrasonic Assured quality
10 Tyre testing To check performance / life of tyre Endurance test, Plunger Testing, Abrasion Testing, Uniformity, dimensions cut tyre analysis Assured quality
11 Other Point Temp @ all stage Certification Tyre Life 100-120°C
Dot, ECE, Inmetro, Soncap, CCC, SASO
Generally . Bias: 20000-30000 KM



Eastman Eastman

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